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Teaching Tips for Parents within the Home


Almost overnight, almost every parent in the UK (and around the world) has had to swap the daily school run for sitting round the kitchen table, setting work and trying to understand the school curriculum. Rounds Green Primary School suggests these nine steps to building your confidence with home working.


1. Don’t try and replicate school

Home schooling is not the same as mainstream schooling. Both have things the other can not offer. What teachers do in a classroom you can not always do at the kitchen table and vice versa. Work within your resources and abilities.


2. Establish a timetable that suits you and not someone else

A timetable is useful and for some necessary but it must work for you and your family. Will your children learn best early in the morning? Then do more academic work then and focus on play/being outside later or vice versa.


3. Balance online time with offline time

Try to balance the online work with  books and practical, hands-on challenges 


4. Get outside

Spend as much time outside as you can. Not just for your sanity but for general good health. If you have a garden or a local park, take your learning out there for long, educational walks.


5. Make the most of the one-to-one attention

One of the great advantages of home education is that the one-to-one time can be really concentrated and really beneficial.

Enjoy the fact that you can spend some time explaining that particularly difficult maths concept to them in a way there might not have been time for at school ( Also, don't forget to get in contact with school via phone or email if you want to check any teaching strategies/knowledge beforehand!


6. Have confidence in yourself

You know your children better than anyone else. Chances are you do know what motivates them and what excites them. Use this to your advantage and tailor your home learning approach accordingly.


7. Speak to teachers

Please email your class teachers. Ask them questions, share concerns. We will help you in any way we can from afar!


8. Buddy up with other parents

Join forces with other parent friends to share any online learning discoveries you make. Discuss schoolwork questions and concerns.


9. Relax

The entire population is in this together. Your children are not going to miss out. If it all gets too much, curl up on the settee and read a book together.