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At Rounds Green, we are passionate in giving our children the opportunities to develop, grow and flourish in all areas of the National Curriculum.  Language learning enables pupils to express their ideas and thoughts in another language, and to understand and respond to its speakers. This incorporates the three pillars of language: phonics, vocabulary and grammar. It is clear that language learning is not only a matter of developing competence in another language, it is about the broader curriculum; about children exploring the relationship between language and identity.




At Rounds Green, we believe that learning a language equips pupils to express themselves in new ways. This develops their immediate sense of belonging to the wider world and starts to prepare them for future opportunities in modern life.  Learning another language develops an understanding and respect for diversity. It is also an opportunity to look at shared values and aspirations, such as personal liberty, democracy and the rule of law.




To allow all pupils to access learning a modern foreign language (French), we use Rigolo as a learning tool. Through Rigolo, the use of videos, songs, rhymes and stories all enrich pupils’ experience with cultural insights into other people’s lives. An important element of Rigolo is the interactive teacher which aids pupils with pronunciation and development of linking words with the French language. Throughout the academic year, pupils will be given the opportunity to experience other aspects of French culture, such as food, clothes and celebrations. This will enable pupils to build a positive understanding of key features of personal and national identity, values and beliefs.